Sutton’s Drug Store Review, Chapel Hill NC

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As part of my search for the best milkshake near Durham North Carolina, we took a trip out to Sutton’s Drug Store on Franklin St. in Chapel Hill. Word on the web has singled Sutton’s out as the home of a great milkshake, besides being a great place for food and hanging out.


Unfortunately, I wasn’t impressed with the shakes. While I enjoyed the atmosphere of Franklin St. and the tiny drugstore, the experience as a whole left something to be desired.

We ordered strawberry and peach shakes, but neither one was anything out of the ordinary. In fact, I think I can make a better shake at home with my immersion blender. The shakes were quite thin (they don’t even bother giving you a spoon–you drink it with the straw), although you can “upgrade” to a thick shake for an additional $0.75. The flavor selection was only decent: they had about 6 flavors of ice cream (including butter pecan and mint chocolate chip) and about 6 mix-ins (mostly candy bars, like butterfinger or snickers). But probably the most disappointing thing about the shakes was that they simply didn’t have much flavor. Maybe we just went on a bad day–it was almost as if the establishment decided to cut back on the mix-ins to save money. The shakes were mostly vanilla ice cream and milk, with a tinge of flavoring.

We also ordered a side of cheese fries, which likewise weren’t great. Whenever I order cheese fries I have visions of a pile of fries smothered with real, melted cheese. That’s way they should be done. Unfortunately, I have yet to find a place that serves the real deal in North Carolina. Instead, I end up with a plate of fries covered in artificial nacho cheese sauce. If that’s you’re thing, you’ll probably love the cheese fries at Sutton’s. Does anyone know of a place where they serve real melted cheese?

The Bottom Line

Overall, the place wasn’t bad, and the prices were low. But I’m not adding Sutton’s to the list of great milkshakes in Durham.


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