The Best Milkshakes near Durham North Carolina

Summer is setting in (it’s 90 degrees right now), and so I’ve started thinking about milkshakes again. It’s time for milkshake season to begin, but who makes the best milkshakes in Durham?

I’ve decided that my goal for this summer is to find the best milkshake joints near Durham (that includes Chapel Hill, Raleigh, Cary, and Morrisville). I’ll visit every place I can find that serves milkshakes and then I’ll post my opinion here. After doing a bit of searching online, I’ve started a list of places to try. I’m willing to look at either chains or independents. Throughout the summer, I’ll try to visit each of these places. The goal will be to finalize a list of places that really stand out, and by the end of the summer I’ll put these restaurants in ranked order based on how good their milkshakes are. Here’s my list of nearby establishments that serve milkshakes:

Milkshake Joints to Try

  1. Sutton’s Drug Store, Chapel Hill
  2. Goodberry’s Frozen Custard, Durham/Cary
  3. Cook Out, Durham/Cary
  4. Circus Family Restaurant, Cary
  5. Maple View Farms, Chapel Hill
  6. Chick-fil-A, Durham
  7. The Loop, Durham/Chapel Hill
  8. Sonic, Raleigh
  9. Chargrill, Durham
  10. Elmo’s Diner, Durham
  11. NC State Creamer @ DH Hill Library, Raleigh

If there are other places you think I need to add to the list, please let me know in the comments. I’m definitely looking for your advice for other places I’ve left out. I’m hoping the list will continue to grow as people make suggestions.

As I visit these places and write reviews, I’ll link to the updated posts. Going into this, I think the popular favorite on the web might be Cook Out. I’m not surprised–Cook Out is great place for thick shakes, and they have lots of options. But I think there might be smaller or less popular places around that can do even better. I guess only experience will tell for sure!


  1. Noticed your site, I’s now AUG 19th, and yet even after the poor review, Suttons heads your “List to try”

    You also mention trying chains, yet neglected Wendys, McDs, Hardees, DQ and Orange Julius.

    Unfortunately, the two I used to favor are no longer extant.