I recently bought a pair of hiking boots from, and the experience impressed me so much that I wanted to publicly praise the company. My review is based solely and completely on the single experience I have had with them, so take it for what it’s worth.

Originally, the shoe I wanted was "out of stock." (You can tell because they don’t list shoes that they don’t have in stock…which is a plus, because at other websites, I would add the shoes to my cart before being notified that they didn’t actually have it). I signed up to recieve an email when the product arrived. I must admit, I was skeptical about this…I figured I would either 1) never hear from them again, or 2) get loads of special offers (AKA spam) and nothing about the shoes I wanted.

To my surprise, within about a week I got a single email notifying me that the size/color I had requested were now in stock! At this point, it was 2 days before the planned hike, but I wanted the boots anyway and figured I’d just get them sometime next week.

They give you some shipping options, which include free shipping for the slow service (5 business days or so), or you can upgrade. The fastest option was "overnight," but for that you’ll pay an extra $25. I elected to skip the extra shipping fees and take the slow route.

A few hours after I placed the order, I got an email notifying me that they were upgrading my order. It shipped out that day, they shipped it overnight for no extra charge, and I actually got it the next day. I was extremely impressed with the whole process. claims to be "powered by service." In my experience, they actually did live up to that motto.